Friday, October 14, 2011

Two Kinds of People...

First, I'd like to say my blog has been woefully neglected.  Second, I'd like to say I'm making no promises to do better anytime soon...I'm BUSY!  Work, Christmas gifts, holiday cards, and now I'm working on getting my own jewelry making business see my dilemma.  However, I'm feeling inspired today, as the particular topic of this post has played a theme in at least a half a dozen of my conversations in the last week.

I think most people would prefer to avoid wasting time AND money.  However, in all practical terms, you're bound to waste at least one of the two.  The question is, which camp do you fall into?  People who would rather waste time than money?  Or people who would rather waste money than time? 

I fall solidly into the "rather waste money than time" camp.  And yes, it probably makes me come across as a total bitch sometimes.  But I can't help it!  My time is valuable...I fill it up with things that make me happy, that make me feel like I'm accomplishing things, that make me feel like I'm making a connection with friends and family. 

I DO NOT have time to be digging through clearance bins to save $3...I'll spend the extra so I can be on my way and off to doing something I actually LIKE to do.  I DO NOT have time to look through dozens of circulars, clipping coupons, filing them, and remembering to use them appropriately in 17 transactions at the grocery store!  I DO NOT have time to wait in line for an hour to check-out at the sale of the century (in fact, I've been known to get to the front with my purchases, realize there's a huge line, and then decide I don't need any of it that much, and just walk out).  I certainly DO NOT have time to learn how to change the oil in my car or to do minor car repairs to save a few bucks.  In fact, the only reason I learned how to change a tire, is because it takes too long to get somebody from AAA out to change it for me...I don't have that kinda time!  I also DO NOT have time to argue about things that don't matter.  I DO NOT have time to make excuses for people who constantly cancel plans or show up hours late. I DO NOT have time and energy to invest in people who refuse to invest time and energy in themselves.   And over the years, I've discovered that I DO NOT have time to chase people down who claim to be friends, but don't invest THEIR time building the friendship. 

On the other hand, I DO have time to text or call people back within 24 hours of when they call or text me.  I DO have time to find the perfect gift...or to make something personalized to show how much I care.  I DO have time to make cards to send out so the people I care about know I'm thinking about them.  I DO have time to stay up too late to see friends, or karaoke, or have a much needed phone conversation.  I DO have time to make a three hour drive, stay for an hour, and then drive back so I can be at work in the morning, if it means making someone feel better after a horrible day.  I DO have time to be on call 24/7 for work, so I know things are running smoothly and my people feel supported.  I DO have time to plan something special when my family visits, even though I know I don't have to.  And I DO have time to do the things that make me happy, even if it means being short on sleep sometimes. 

I think it's just about making your time "Quality Time."  After all, money is just money.  You're never going to have enough of it anyway.  You can't take it with you when you go.  Do what makes you happy!  And if money IS what makes you happy...then by all means, spend all day clipping coupons, and hunting down the latest, greatest sale.  Just don't be surprised when I totally don't get it.  And for the love of God , please don't try to bring me along...I'd rather pay you the $50 you might save, so you can just pick it up off the neatly organized, non-clearance rack and we can be on our way to do something I might actually enjoy :)