Friday, January 28, 2011

Required Viewing...

So I love movies...who doesn't, right?  I take my favorites to heart.  My old stand-bys...the ones I could watch a thousand times...the ones I could pretty much repeat word for word.  And I get offended when people don't like my favorite movies.  Which, I suppose is odd.  I actually don't often watch my favorites with other people who haven't seen them, so I don't have to feel awkward or annoyed if they aren't a fan.  Probably the reason for this is many of my favorite movies (I say "many" instead of "all", because there are some ridiculous ones that I continue to love just because they exist), either led to some sort of personal revelation for me or at least made me think about myself or the world a little differently.  So here's some of my favorites...and if you don't like them, please don't tell me, cuz it would sadden  :)

1)  Fight Club (1999)
2)  Stigmata (1999)
3)  Office Space (1999)
4)  Moulin Rouge (2001)
5)  Boondock Saints (1999)
6)  Just Married (2003)
7)  Cheaper by the Dozen  (2003)
8)  City Slickers (1991)
9)  Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971)
10)  The Hangover (2009)
11)  The Sandlot (1993)
12)  Boiler Room (2000)
13)  Amelie (2001)
14)  Secretary (2002)
15)  Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
16)  When Harry Met Sally (1989)
17)  Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)
18)  Stranger than Fiction (2006)
19)  Talladega Nights (2006)
20)  White Squall (1996)
21)  Duets (2000)
22)  The Broken Hearts Club (2000)
23)  Wall-E (2008)
24)  Chicago (2002)
25)  Romeo & Juliet (1968)
26)  Anchorman (2004)
27)  Meet the Fockers (2004)
28)  Armageddon (1998)
29)  Three Kings (1999)
30)  The Island (2005)
31)  Mallrats (1995)
32)  Empire Records (1995)
33)  Memento (2000)
34)  The Matrix (1999)
35)  Pretty Woman (1990)
36)  The Punisher (2004)
37)  The Neverending Story (1984)
38)  Wedding Crashers (2005)
39)  The Invention of Lying (2009)
40)  Lilo & Stitch (2002)
41)  The Incredibles (2004)
42)  Bolt (2008)
43)  Snatch (2000)
44)  The Transporter (2002)
45)  Morning Glory (2010)
46)  The Devil Wears Prada (2006)
47)  Paint Your Wagon (1969)  <----- This is a Clint Eastwood MUSICAL, people
48)  Elf (2003)
49)  Daddy Daycare (2003)
50)  Keeping the Faith (2000)

And yeah...there's like a million more...but that should be more than sufficient :)  And if you didn't bother reading the list, and just skimmed the first few and skipped to the biggie...this is half posted in hopes that other people might like these, and half for my records, since I'm in the midst of updating my collection  :)  That's all for tonight...more crafting after inventory next week!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Art of The Sassy Card...

Well, it's been quite a day.  Big plans this morning...finish cooking, go to work and clean the office, run some errands, etc, etc.  In reality, after I finished cooking, I looked at the amount of snow on my car and gave up on the rest of my plans for the day :)  lol.  It's good though...the middle of a mild to moderate snowstorm is a good time to have a day in pajamas, reading a book, watching tv, and being crafty.  So after pulling all my crafting supplies out, I didn't have much of an idea of what I wanted to do.  Which obviously led me to pull out my very favorite inspiration book of all time...all sassy cards:

Get Real Greetings, edited by Jessica Strawser

The important thing to note about a sassy card (particularly THESE sassy cards, which are some of the sassiest I've seen) is this:  You VERY RARELY get to actually send one.  It takes a special kind of situation and a special kind of recipient to appreciate the humor.  However, it doesn't make them any less fun to make, and I'm confident that eventually all my sassy cards will find a good home.  I've sent a few that I've made, but I still have a little pile of them awaiting their perfect moment.  And until then, I'll sift through my card drawer now and again and giggle with the thought of someone's face changing from confusion to shock to laughter over a card that I made and sent them at the perfect time :)

So all that said, here was my project of the evening.  Supplies - super old stamp set (I honestly don't even know who MADE it), cardstock, pens, ribbon, watercolor pencils, and glossy accents:

Validation (Front):

Validation (Inside):

And that's all for tonight :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

An Indoor Kinda Gal...

So, one week ago today, in a blatant act of insanity tied to unseasonably warm weather, I opened the windows of my apartment for nearly an entire day...for exactly the third time since I moved here a year and a half ago...and the first time was just to get the couch in through the window.  I am still wondering what on earth I was thinking, as I get home from work every day to walk into my apartment and enjoy a prompt and violent allergy attack.  When will these miserable allergens filter out of my house again?!?  Blech. 

I am not an outdoorsy all.  Aside from the fact that I'm incredibly Irish and sunburn in about 10 minutes, I don't particularly like it when it's too hot, too cold, wet, dirty, buggy, windy, etc, etc, and the fact that I'm astonishingly clumsy (which seems to be a bigger issue for outdoor activities than indoor ones)...I'm also allergic to practically everything under the sun.  Dust, mold, pollen, ragweed, carpet, cats, a wide variety of name it, I need a Zyrtec for it.  You say let's go visit the flower gardens at the Bellagio in Vegas, and I say, "What, are you trying to kill me?"  I spent almost a week in a hotel room in Virginia with allergy meds and an inhaler, wheezing and gasping for air, and wondering why the hell we needed to go on a family vacation to Williamsburg with all their damn beautiful gardens.  Hell, I spent the better part of my youth drinking juice boxes, because I was allergic to milk...MILK for pete's sake!  Miserable.  And while I love my Zyrtec and adore Visine for allergies, they can really only do so much.  At some point, there's some sort of diminishing returns thing that happens, and I'm a lost cause for the rest of the day.

This summer, in a similar moment of memory-lapse, I decided to be a good pet parent and take Lucy outside to hang out for a while.  I brought a book out, sat down in the grass with her...and she promptly had an allergy attack...and then so did I.  lol :)  It's good that my dogs share the same weird quirks as me.  So now we all remember to go outside and then come right the hell back in to our temperature-controlled, mostly allergen-free (except when I lose my mind and open the windows) apartment, where we can all be happy without sneezing or watery eyes. 

So yeah...I'm that girl who doesn't like to go outside if she doesn't have to.  And I'm unapologetic about it.  And most people who have witnessed me in the middle of one of my debilitating allergy attacks understand why.  I'll do the laundry.  The house will be spotless.  There will be a five course gourmet meal on the table promptly at six every night.  Just please, oh please...don't ever ask me to do yard work.  lol :)

That's all for tonight!

The Joys of Living Alone...

It had been a while since I had lived alone when I moved up here to Zion.  Except for a few months living in the world's tiniest "studio efficiency" (code for one room in the basement of a house with it's own microwave, mini-fridge, and bathroom...woot!), I was always living with someone else.  While there are obvious financial gains to sharing the bills with someone, I am greatly enjoying being on my own for the time being.  That said, it's probably setting me back years in my OCD-esque issues and my dislike for sharing :)  lol. 

I ran the gambit for roommates and apartments.  There was my first college roommate in a dorm room at Millikin, who didn't find it remotely innappropriate to get it on with a different guy every other night in the top bunk of our bunkbeds.  (If you wanna do it, fine, but at least have the courtesy to get home before me and leave a note on the door, instead of coming in at 3am after I'm fast asleep and me having to wake up half motion sick from that nonsense!).  My roommate in a very nice apartment in DeKalb, who turned out to be psychopathic (literally).  Then there were my fab roomies over in Suburban apartments in DeKalb (okay, it's not quality housing, but it's cheap, and that's what's important when you're trying to figure out where your next 50 cent draft is coming from!), by far my most nostalgic and fond roommate and knitting, fondue and movies, potato soup and Sex in the City, and let's not forget crazy parties with sinks getting pulled off the walls. 

Then I moved into my studio for a was tiny (my queen size bed wouldn't even fit through the door), the house was crappy, it wasn't in a particularly good neighborhood, but bygolly it was mine, and I made it cute, and I didn't have to share anything!    And while I loved the privacy, I got a job further away in the more-expensive-than-DeKalb suburbs, so I got a roommate again.  We both kind of did our own thing...both worked a lot...when we DID wind up in the apartment at the same time we had some drinks and was a nice, comfortable arrangement.  And then there was the co-habitating at a couple of different locations with the ex, which was sort of different than the traditional roommate situation, but the same in a lot of ways too.  I guess the "mine" and "yours" lines get blurred more in that, there were less likely to be arguments about who created the dirty dishes and whatnot, which was nice.

The one common thread of having a rommate for me was that I had to let go of my little OCD tendencies, or I would've lost my mind.  Remind myself that I should keep my mouth shut when dirty dishes were put on the counter instead of in the dishwasher, or when the shower curtain is left open instead of closed, or when there are shoes strewn all over the house.  And whether it's a good thing or not, now that I live alone, everything can be PERFECT.  The counter is always clear.  The shower curtain is always closed.  The shoes are always neatly lined up at the front door or in the closet.  There are no piles of random mail and magazines everywhere.  It's a beautiful thing.  And at the same time, maybe it's not...

I can't focus when things aren't perfect now.  The house MUST be clean in order to embark on any potentially creative endeavor, because my mind certainly can't function creatively when there are things out of place.  Under very few circumstances can I fathom being able to fall asleep at night with my scrapbooking supplies all over the livingroom or before my luggage is unpacked and put away when I get back from a long weekend.  But...meh...I'm indulging myself for the time being.  Everything can be perfect for a while longer...I'll live with someone again eventually, and I'll learn to let it go again.  Somehow it's a lot easier when someone else is if there's anyone else in the picture, then that is an x-factor that's out of my control, so I can relax about it.  At least my dogs are running around periodically shredding toys and whatnot, reminding me now and then that it won't be this way forever.  lol. 

Anyway, the house WAS clean tonight, and I WAS feeling creative, so I made a little Valentine card.  It's inspired by a card I got from my sister last year.  I used BoBunny papers, Penny Black stamps (a re-purposed Christmas set), watercolor pencils, the SewEZ tool, and Flowersoft.  I like how it turned out...and I'm glad I wound up using that last stamp in my Christmas set that I hadn't gotten around to using yet. 



That's all for tonight :)  More when I have time!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Resolutions? Nah...

I'm notoriously atrocious at 1) coming up with New Year's resolutions that I have any intention of following through on to begin with, and 2) even remembering what they were three weeks from now.  In fact, the only resolution I ever kept was the one I made a few years ago to stop making resolutions at New Years, since they seem to always end in irritation and disappointment in my lack of enthusiasm anyway.  That said, this evening I read a friend's post about New Years INTENTIONS, and am feeling inspired to borrow the idea.  While I would like to say "be a more consistent blogger," that would be another one that I have no intention of following through on.  I have finally come to terms with the fact that I blog as much as I legitimately can given how busy I am at work, how much I'm in transit with travel (and thus out of reach of a computer), and whatever else I have going on in my life.  So, although I wish I could say to myself that this year I'm going to make more time to be creative and share it with others, alas...I know it's not true, so I won't.  Here's the ACTUAL list of my New Years Intentions:

1) Read more (I've got a decent start on this, since I'm pretty sure I've read more in the two weeks I've had my Kindle than I did in the entire previous year.  I'm adding a gadget to the side of my page to keep track of what I've read...more for purposes of remembering than tracking.)

2) Actually use the vacation time I earn this year (no promises on whatever rolled over from last year)...and maybe even actually GO somewhere for vacation (a novel idea, I know, but vacationing alone isn't my favorite, and attempting to coordinate my schedule with friends or family is difficult once you're living in grown-up land with jobs and married friends with kids and everyone is busy and you just can't seem to carve out any time.)

3) Continue making strides in paying down debts (those 50 cent drafts are easily $5 a piece by now, at LEAST...8 years later...geez.  But, I have a plan, and it's in action, and we're taking it one billing cycle at a time from there) with the intent to start saving (shocker!) and get a new car (one where the windows seal, the trunk is fully functional, the front dash hasn't bubbled up from dripping condensation from the poorly sealed windows, that doesn't have atrocious cost of ownership, doesn't handle like a boat, gets reasonable gas mileage, has FOUR doors, and isn't cursed to have a ton of bizarro accidents and fender benders with raccoons and people who don't stop for red lights or ambulances...can you tell I'm hung up on this car thing???)

4) Get more sleep (despite that fact that I'm writing this what would seem to be unreasonably late when I have to be at work 8 hours from now...but still...good intentions of doing so.  Perhaps we'll start that one tomorrow!)

5) Make it a point to not get stuck in a rut of work, home, couch, tv, and sleep...go to movies, take myself out to lunch, hit karaoke and the bar more times than I can count on one hand this year...that kinda thing (I swear I used to be fun in college...I vaguely remember it...or at least, I think I do...maybe it was all a and the real world seems to just sap that energy right out of you.  But "happy" isn't something you just's something you choose to be...and I'm happier when I'm taking some time to have a good time now and again, so I'll just have to get off my ass and do so!)

And that should be plenty of intentions for the beginning of a new year and a new decade...we'll see how it goes.  Never hurts to at least throw it out there :)  I would say "more creative posting soon," but it's insane inventory month, followed by Make and Take and a business trip to Minnesota, so we'll see...I'll just go with "more creative posting sometime before March!"  G'night :)