Thursday, July 17, 2014

And here we are...

And here we are...slacking again.  This post is for my friend Teresa, because I ran into her at MemoryBound Scrapbook Store yesterday, and was again reminded that I haven't been very good about making time for me and my personal endeavors lately.  However, I did recently take the Claudine Hellmuth Composition for Collage workshop on Big Picture Classes, so I have done SOME crafty's pics from that class to prove that I'm trying...really get back to making time for craftiness!

First Week - Asymmetry

Second Week - Horizon Line

Third Week - Vignette

Fourth Week - Grid Format

So I'm getting a few crafty things done in the name of my sanity.  Today, I worked on Halloween the bases completely prepped and assembled, and everything stamped and ready to color.  And I already have a plan in mind for Thanksgiving cards, so we're making progress.  I'm not making any promises on keeping this blog more up-to-date, but I'm going to try!!!  Night all :)

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