Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter Wonderland...

Well, I'm spending a few days in West Brooklyn.  I probably shouldn't spend quite so much time here, but I have four days off in a row and 1) I don't have much of anything to do at my apartment, 2) my mom and I have actually wound up on really good terms with each other in the last couple of years, and 3) sometimes I really like being out in the boondocks for a few days.  I know everyone that lives in the Gurnee/Zion area thinks it's the middle of nowhere, cuz it's not Chicago.  But I'm telling you...that's all relative, and compared to where I'm from, it's a freaking thriving metropolis in Gurnee.  I still remember being ecstatic back when I moved to DeKalb, because gas stations were open past 8pm, I could get food delivered to my house, AND I didn't have to drive 45 minutes to get to the movie theater.  Thrilling, I tell you.  And don't even get me started on the first time we drove into Geneva/Batavia at night and saw all the might as well have been Chicago to us.  It's good to be easily impressed, I suppose.  When the opening of the 24 hour WalMart 45 minutes away was cause for celebration, and the most exciting thing there was to do on Friday night when I was in high can see why 1) I get a little out of sorts and panicky when I'm thrust into somewhere like's overwhelming compared to bufu, 2) I think anywhere else that I've ever lived is amazing and fantastic, and 3) why I like getting back to the middle of nowhere for some peace and quiet...where I can be annoyed that a vehicle I don't recognize is driving on OUR road (I mean, what are they DOING here?  We're not on the WAY to anywhere)...where I can battle snow that doesn't get plowed till Monday, and not till after school starts, cuz there aren't any bus-riding kids on our road...and where I can park in the middle of the road and take pictures of pretty trees without worrying that I might cause a pile-up.  So here they are :)

Well that's all for tonight...two posts in one day...woot!  :)

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