Friday, October 8, 2010

Adventures on canvas begin...

So I guess canvas is hot this year in the crafting world.  We have workshops, samples, gift tags, and boxes and boxes of other canvas items at the store.  So...I figure it's about time to play!  I've always had sort of an interest in creating wall art with canvases.  I've actually tried a couple of times with limited success.  But that was back in high school before I had been introduced to the world of scrapbooking, and I was just using whatever paint, etc. I had lying around the house.  So I ran across this really snazzy idea in the idea book about doodling that I bought a few months ago...I was super excited when I saw it the first time, and then I got busy and kind of forgot about it...but I ran across it again a few days ago and was re-inspired, so my canvas project takes it's first baby steps tonight.  So here's the pic from the book that I'm working off of for inspiration:

First and foremost, of COURSE I'm doing my canvas with a picture of Lucy :)  I was thinking about doing one of both of them, but upon further consideration, I decided that I'll do one just for Millie later.  After having Lucy for almost a year now, I think I really have an understanding of her quirky little personality and can hopefully bring that to the piece.  I don't think I've had Millie long enough to say that.  So after she comes out of her shell a little more, she'll get her own picture :)

Now, that said, I think the most exciting little tidbit from this inspiration page is the little gems around the outside edges.  What in interesting idea...using a 5/8" circle punch for paper to put behind those gems you put in the bottom of vases.  I had never really seen anything like it.  It was, in fact, the whole reason I decided I really wanted to do this canvas afterall.  So while I haven't really figured out my whole concept yet, I got to play with the gems tonight to get a feel for how it might fit with the rest of my ideas.

So, the first column is just gems with paper behind them, the second column is with paper that has some Sharpie doodling on it behind the gems, and the third column is just the gems...which I'm thinking about mixing into the piece too.  I'm LOVING the Sharpie ones, though.  We'll see what happens.

Once I really get going on this, I'm going to have to figure out a better way to photograph it so you can see everything better (On that note, I'm seriously considering buying myself a new camera for Christmas.  The camera phone pictures aren't doing it for me, and I despise the camera I have...screw you Olympus with your damn XD card that isn't compatible with my computer and no auto-stabilization.  Gotta finish the rest of my Christmas shopping first and see if I have enough left for me!)

Anyway, that's all for tonight!  More tomorrow :)

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