Monday, October 4, 2010

Points for participation...

Anyone who knows me or my family knows...we don't do Halloween.  I don't think I've had a Halloween costume since I was maybe eight years old.  No costumes, no Halloween parties, and we lived in the country growing up, so no trick-or-treaters either (I got lucky that my apartment complex doesn't do it either).  Now don't get me wrong, it's not that I'm a scrooge about it necessarily.  I don't have issue with other people enjoying the holiday...I guess I can see the appeal if you're into that...I just don't like it.  The whole ordeal creeps me out.  People in costumes, strangers knocking on your door at night, wandering around in the dark asking for candy from people you don't know...I's all the stuff they teach you not to do from the age you're old enough to understand what the heck they're talking about.  I have enough issues with creepy little kids...I'm already terrified I'm going to wind up having a kid as pale as I am with great big eyes who likes to wake me up by standing next to my bed and staring at me...the horror.  (Note:  I have specific reasons for being extra terrified of people staring at me while I sleep...a roommate situation which I will not go into details about...suffice it to say, I moved out in a panic in three hours while she was at work...scary!). 

Anyway, so I typically avoid Halloween festivities like the plague and don't particularly mind being harassed about my lack of enthusiasm for everyone's apparent favorite holiday (I'll take Thanksgiving, thankyouverymuch).  BUT, when I showed up at work today, I had a "Boo" in my mailbox.  What is this, you may ask?  I asked myself the very same question, and luckily it came with a handy dandy instruction sheet telling me exactly what a "Boo" was, and detailing my loose obligation to pass it on.  That's right...a Halloween candy chain letter of sorts.  A little Halloween favor box with candies and a little poem and a cute little ghost for my nametag so everyone knows I've been "boo" we're able to tell who still needs a "boo."  It's interesting that something I would've completely ignored if it showed up at my house happened to show up at work instead, and I actually bothered to consider it.  When you put something in the frame of crafting potential, you just may spark my interest.

Also sparking my enthusiasm for this particular project is the fact that I just happened to buy a new Martha Stewart Scor-Board on Saturday night (so much for restraining myself from buying more scrapbooking stuff, eh?)  And this particular tool comes with a very helpful guide for making envelopes AND favor boxes.  Soooooo...I am officially participating in my first Halloween activity in nearly 20 years...shocking.  And to anyone who thinks maybe this means I've let up on my anti-Halloween stance...don't count on it.  But, from the crafting angle at least, it turned out pretty cute...and I imagine I'd participate in similar activities in the future should the situation call for it.  Plus, it's better that I don't seem like a big party pooper of a boss.  :)  lol.  So here's my "Boo!":



- Martha Stewart Scor-Board
- Various Bo-Bunny Papers
- Bazzill Bling Buttons
- We R Memory Keepers Deco Corner Chompers
- Googly-eyed Spider Stickers (from Walgreens, of all places)
- Charcoal Cateye Ink (required for any project I'm doing, without

And that's it for tonight!

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