Wednesday, May 9, 2012

June Menu Plan...

Well, cooking has been bumped up a week or so this month, due to scheduling issues, so I got to work on my menu plan early.  I went through and had it planned out once last night, and then I realized two things...1) every single recipe had potatoes in it, and 2) every single recipe had to be made in the oven.  Now, having learned my lesson (again) last month with the too-many-thing-to-go-in-the-oven problem, I knew I had to revise.  And I love potatoes...and I mean LOVE potatoes...but every meal for a month...maybe not.  So, I sat down again tonight and putzed around Pinterest and Food Gawker till I found a good mix.  The recipes are all new to me this month, cuz I finally ran out of recipes from my rotation prior to start the whole food blog thing.  I'm sort of getting to the point where I should be rotating things back in that I've already made (I do like a lot of them and would like to have them again), but I'm enjoying trying new things so much that I want to keep picking new stuff.  So...I suppose when I get tired of always doing new stuff, I'll start rotating back in my old favorites too.  We'll see.  As always, calories are estimated by counts given on (although a couple actually had the calories listed with them in the original recipe...hooray!).  Here's what happening this month:

*Penne Rosa with Chicken - 6 servings = 375 Calories

*Santa Fe Enchilada Bake - 8 servings = 370 Calories

*Tortellini with Walnut & Mascarpone Sauce - 4 servings = 470 Calories

*Ham, Sauerkraut & Apple Rolls on Cheesy Potatoes - 8 servings = 501 Calories

*Creamy Chicken Casserole - 8 servings - 330 calories + Crescent Roll = 430 Calories

I'm also going to be making the Baked Honey Oatmeal w/Raspberries & Pistachios (223 Calories) again...a double batch this time, cuz I liked them so much and ate them early in the month, and then missed them for the whole rest of the month.

And in other exciting news, my sister is coming to visit next weekend!  She hasn't been up since the beginning of the December, and we haven't had a true sisters' weekend since...ummmm...a really long time...over a year probably.  We're sort of celebrating our birthdays, since we didn't actually get to see each other on either of our birthdays this year.  Sooooo...a celebration calls for dessert, yes?  I've been pining over this recipe I found on Pinterest for Pain au Chocolat (essentially an insane chocolate croissant on crack).  It takes FOUR DAYS to make these things.  FOUR!  Insanity.  But I'm going to attempt looks soooooo good.  So assuming I actually get this recipe made AND it doesn't turn out horrendously, I'll be posting that info too...but no's a celebration, remember?  Calorie-free!  :)  And that's all for next Thursday, so recipes will be up sometime soon after that! 

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