Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Big Move...

Yeah, so it may seem like I gave up on this blog.  That's not actually true though, so hooray for that, right?  :)  In actuality, I literally haven't made any new food since the last menu plan.  And on top of that, that last menu plan was made three weeks later than Iowa...because I moved!  So yeah, the last two months have been crazy.  There's really not a less convenient time to move than the weekend after Thanksgiving.  You end up right smack dab in the middle of family time, Christmas chaos, and oh yeah...I work in retail not a great time for taking off a week or two to move.  Sooooo...I took off 5 days.  Yep.  5.  To move 7 hours away to Iowa.  And let me tell you, by the end of that 5 days, all boxes were unpacked, pictures on the walls, groceries in the fridge, and furniture delivery was scheduled for the new couch, AND the new bed (because I now have a SECOND bedroom...that's right know you're movin' up in the world when your guests don't have to sleep on an air mattress in the livingroom anymore!).  Why on earth would all of that be done in five days, you ask?  Because I'm just that crazy.  It took a week and change to pack (because I actually PACKED this, put stuff in boxes...with bubble wrap and everything.  I know, right?  Normally, I'm throwing shit in laundry baskets and garbage bags the day before I leave).  And let me say, I literally cannot focus on my day-to-day life when all of my worldly possessions are in a pile of cardboard in my diningroom.  So it was priority number one to not start my new job (actually, the same job I already had...just 7 hours away from where I had it before) before that cardboard nightmare was eradicated.  So yeah.  Unpacked.  The saving grace for this move was...drumroll please...I hired MOVERS to load and unload on either end of the move.  It was a-ma-zing.  I'm never carrying my (excessive amount of) shit by myself again!  I drove the UHaul myself, which was pretty miserable, but we made it (Note to self:  Get a boyfriend before you move again, so he can drive the UHaul). 

Anyway, so yeah...I live in Des Moines now, which is actually pretty great, if you ask me.  It's sort of's like a real city, with tons of stuff to do, BUT it's also sort of country.  People like, say hello and hold the door for you instead of avoiding eye contact and thinking you're a suspicious character for waving at them.  There's a mansion of a house right in the middle of everything...that constantly has a tractor sitting in the driveway!  That's what you get when you move out of Chicagoland, I guess.  As a girl who's from a farm just outside of the middle of nowhere (I know it's hard to believe with how anti-outdoorsy I am, but it's true), I can appreciate that.  I'm from the land of waving at strangers you meet on the highway on your way to work...and subsequently wondering what their problem is if they don't wave back.  Yeah.  So Chicagoland was a bit of a disconnect for me.  I obviously made great friends there and loved my apartment there and it was a great experience and I will DEFINITELY be going back to visit.  However, Des Moines just feels more like...home, I guess.  Oh yeah, AND it's a college town, so there's actually young people here and nightlife ( I'm part of nightlife anymore!), which is cool.'s been crazy, but things are finally all settling in.  Cooking begins again today...I apologize that I'm only making one new recipe.  I literally have not had time to browse Pinterest for new recipes and figure out calorie counts and all that nonsense. newbie, and the rest of the plan will be old favorites.  NEXT month, my intent is to get back more newness.  No promises though.  I've got a lot going on here, people!  lol :)  Anyway, that's all for now!  Hooray Iowa!  Recipe plan coming shortly...  :)

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  1. You are definite;y a Super-Woman, Megan! So glad everything went smoothly for you and the doggies :)