Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Picture Everyday: Seating...

Yesterday's prompt for my class was Seating.  If I wouldn't have been stuck at work for 11 1/2 hours, I might've driven around looking for some park seating, but I decided I rather complete the project than put it off.  Life's been a little crazy lately, so putting it off winds up being an indefinite here's what I came up with around the house :)

Millie's claimed the chair in the livingroom for herself...this is one of the rare moments she relinquished it in favor of the couch...

I've officially taken over the diningroom table as my scrapping area...I haven't even bothered to clean it up since Ashley was here in August (yes, that's right...perhaps my OCD is letting up a little...or perhaps scrap-cleanliness has been downgraded in favor of work-insanity...either

I always feel the need to put a seating area in my bedroom...I don't really know why since I hardly ever use it, but Lucy likes to hide out there when she's crabby, so it's okay :)

Today's prompt shortly!

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