Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Picture Everyday: Wake...

Well, I started taking a new workshop at Big Picture Classes.  This one is Picture Everyday, and it's basically about capturing the little things that you do every day in a different way.  I haven't been super about actually taking the pictures everyday...they're getting grouped together a couple days's been a little (LOT) hectic this week.  But here's my first assignment...Wake:

My bedroom...the coziest room in my house.  Don't even have a TV in there, because it's all relaxation all the time in there...a good night's sleep, afternoon naps, and snuggles with the pups.

 least as anti-morning as I am...and not thrilled to have a camera in her face at 4am, methinks.

My hideously ugly (so I'm told) slippers that make their way to my feet the moment I'm walking around the apartment in the morning.  I'm sorry...cozy wins over fashion on the slipper front.

Next challenge: Wash...coming soon!

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