Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year's Intentions 2014...

'Tis the season to recap where I ended with last year's intentions and what my new ones are for this year.  It wasn't a fully successful year with my 2013 intentions, but I made a decent go of it...not too shabby in a year full of major life changes, including an out-of-state move and a change in jobs!

2013 Recap

1) Learn stuff - take 3-4 classes for fun.  Did it!  I took a cooking class, a doodling class, and several online classes including (but not limited to) a photoshop class, a journaling class, and hand-lettering class. 

2) Take the vacation I earn.  Meh.  That's sort of a big ouch on that one, although it's mostly not my fault.  I had a week and change of vacation ready to go for a summer trip when I was at Archivers' and unfortunately when I left, not only did I not get to take that vacation, they also never paid out the time due to their Chapter 11 filing (argh).  Then when I got to World Market, I've been earning time, but for most of the time I've been there I either was in my probationary period and ineligible to take it, or in black out period for holiday time.  I did manage to sneak a couple of days in between those two.  So, mostly, I'm considering this a success (even if it is sort of a sad and depressing one).

3) At least 2 days a week, use my break at work to actually take a break and not do work!  Just so-so.  I was pretty good about this at Archiver's, and the last couple of months at World Market I've been better.  The first few months here, I absolutely was not though.   At least I'm getting back on track!

4) Make cards for every major holiday.  Did it!  Made it through even though I was pretty sure I wasn't going to make it for more than a few holidays!  May have cheated a tiny bit with the copy machine at Archiver's, but alas...they got done!

5) Make sure moving to Iowa doesn't prevent me from seeing friends & family.  Solid performance!  Since I moved here, I made a trip to Michigan, Cassy, Josh, Heather and Ashley have all been out to visit me, I've been back home a lot and even got Mom out here once.  I think this one is a pretty decent success. 

6) Read 52 books.  Close enough, considering.  I made it to 30 books, which considering the insanity I dealt with after the job change, I'm considering to be a fair accomplishment anyway. 

2014 Intentions

1) Keep up with my blog.  At least 4 posts a month. 
2) Keep up with my crafty plans...Project Life and cards for every major holiday.
3) Read 52 books.  I know it's probably a stretch, but I'm feeling unreasonable today.
4) Take at least 5 classes of some kind for fun (i.e. NOT work-related).
5) Take every opportunity to stay on track with my career goals...including getting transferred back to Chicago and talking to the right people about a position in HR.
6) Maintain a better work-life balance.  Take my days off, take my breaks, take my vacation, and don't bring too much crap home to do!

That's all for now!  :)

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  1. Megan I love your list, especially the blog post one. I'm going to have to try that too. I guess that's really just one a week. That shouldn't be too hard. I also like the book one but since I'm in a book club I have an advantage of having to read at least one book a month.