Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Incredible 4000 Mile Month...

Well, it's January 26th, and considering this is my first post of the month, I can admit I'm not doing to hot on that "4 posts a month" New Year's Intention.  It's possible I could still make it, but I'm not going to force it either. 

Here's the thing...this month has been CRAZY!  For starters, I haven't had a day off at my apartment since...the 2nd, I think.  Mom's had two eye surgeries, and I had to travel to St. Louis for work (which means I had to drop my dogs off at Mom's house first...which, from Des Moines, is no small feat in itself).  Feeling a little defeated, sitting at yet another gas station waiting for my car to fill up, I added it all up, and realized I'd be logging in over 4000 miles this month.  Yeow!

Call it my competitive nature, but I sort of feel like that's a win.  lol :)  So I may have accomplished nothing at my apartment, and I may feel like I need about 4 days of sleep to catch up, but at least I win on most miles logged, right? 

Despite all the craziness, it actually has been a pretty great month.  Mom's surgeries went really well, and there's been a lot of improvement in her vision overall, so that's a big win.  My trip to St. Louis was really productive...I got to be a part of a supervisor assessment panel, which was not only a great experience, but also helped me take some more steps in my career growth.  I got to have lunch with a great friend who I haven't seen in several months, which gave me almost 4 hours of time to indulge in my inherent snarkiness that I spend a lot time keeping in check in many social situations :)  lol.  Even though I'm way behind on my craftiness due to all the travel, I've been able to do a ton of reading.  And even with all the all the time spent out of the store, everything there held together pretty well.  All-in-all, things are heading in the right direction, and I couldn't be happier (although, I'm certainly not complaining about a little more downtime this month). 

So...I got one post in this month at least :)  We'll see if I have time for a couple more.  Either way...things are getting better, and I can feel my motivation for creating building up again.  And now, off to spend the rest of my lovely day off at my apartment with the dogs...working on Valentine Cards, hopefully :)  More later!

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