Monday, February 14, 2011

It's the Thought that Counts...

These are the flowers I bought myself for Valentine's Day (otherwise known as Remind-The-Singles-That-They're-Still-Single if we had forgotten):

As I was standing in line at Jewel after having picked out this bouquet, I noticed the hordes of men indiscriminately grabbing whatever neon-tinted wildflower bouquet was on sale for $6 directly in front of the register and running out the door.  I heard one guy casually explaining away his sad and battered looking bouquet with an "It's the thought that counts..."  And I thought...EXACTLY...and you didn't bother to think about it AT ALL! 

I'm not saying I'm looking for a $50 bouquet of roses...I spent less than half of that on these, and these are probably nicer than any flowers I've gotten from any of the guys I've dated (a disappointment for another blog post entirely).  I'm saying, if you're going to pick up the $6 neon-crap-thrown-together-for-cheap bouquet, just cuz you're too lazy to take a two minute walk to the other side of the store to find a decent one...or because you're too cheap...just freakin' SKIP IT.  Make your girl dinner...or buy a $2 card, and actually bother to WRITE something heartfelt in it...or clean the kitchen spotless before she gets home and give her a backrub for pete's sake! 

Talk about making someone feel like an afterthought..."Here, these are for you...I got them for less than I spent on my pack of cigarettes...but only cuz they were already there at the ya!"'s the thought that counts...I totally agree.  But for the love of god, please remember that means you actually have to THINK about it.  *sigh*  Men...Valentine's Day...blech...I'm off to have my Ferrero Rocher chocolate and make myself a moderately labor intensive dinner.  And then maybe having a nightcap with The Captain...we'll see.  G'night!

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