Friday, August 20, 2010

A home for Millie Sofia...

Well, it's official!  I have a new addition to my little canine family.  We drove all the way to St. Louis this morning to meet Millie Sofia, a sweet little black/gray Pomeranian (the rescue group says full blood Pomeranian, but I've never seen a 15 lb. Pomeranian, and neither has my veterinarian.  But that's neither here nor there.  We brought Lucy along (much to her dismay, since she had to ride in the back seat all the way there, which she certainly did NOT appreciate), to make sure we could all get along so we wouldn't have a dogfight five minutes in.  So the place was a madhouse, and amid a dozen or so dogs loitering in an area the size of my bathroom, and what seemed like another dozen phonecalls at once, we managed to get paperwork signed, and Millie became mine!  She's from a puppy mill and has had a rough life, so she's understandably shy, but VERY sweet, and soooooo cute!  Stopped at the vet's office on the way home, where she got the a-okay to come home without concern, and her and Lucy are already snuggling on the couch next to me.  What a great day :)  No crafting today, but puppy pics below!

Millie's adoption photos from petfinder:

Millie's first night home & snuggling with Lucy

And one more of Lucy looking sleepy from a very busy day for good measure :)

And that's all for now :)  More another day!

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