Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Love the Internet...

I love the internet.  I'd say at least twice a day, I thank my lucky stars that it exists.  Besides the excessive amount of Googling I do, there's also Facebook, Pinterest, and a whole host of other social networking sites that I look to for inspiration, creativity, and communicating with people who I don't often get a chance to see due to scheduling and/or distance.  I do a lot of online shopping around the holidays too, because as someone who works retail, my patience with the holiday insanity wears thin pretty quickly if I don't.

So anyway, on to the point of this "I love the internet" rant:  I ordered my groceries from for the first time ever this week.  If you know me, you know that I positively DESPISE grocery shopping (which, incidentally, was part of the incentive in my once a month cooking escapades to begin with).  All other forms of shopping I pretty much shopping is like hell on earth for me though.  Sooooo, after talking to a friend of mine who's husband delivers for Peapod, I decided to just do it.

So I typed up my list in the little quick list thing and clicked through to select the items I wanted from the list, all of which took about...15 minutes.  I selected sale items when I could, and after I totalled everything up, I realized it pretty much costs exactly the same as my normal in-store grocery shopping, if not a little less.  I set my delivery time for 8pm-10pm, they texted me about 10-15 minutes before they got here, and when my groceries arrived, they were brought right to my door and unloaded in the kitchen in the span of about 6 minutes.  I gave the delivery guy a $20 tip (it says tipping is optional on the website, but personally, when people deliver stuff to my house because I'm too lazy to go get it myself, I think they deserve a good tip). 

Anyway, it was AWESOME...all in all, including the time to unpack and put groceries away, it was about a 30 minute time investment, as opposed to the normal 2-2 1/2 hours.  The produce and everything looks even better than what I usually buy at the store.  PLUS, even AFTER the tip, I came in $25 under my normal monthly budget.  Winner!  Yep, love the internet.  :)

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