Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hanging on to pretty...

So I know a number of people who have become parents in the last few years, and the general concensus is that pretty much everything that can change does change.  And obviously, I had already considered time, responsibilities, money, and all that.  What I continue to forget about is that your beautiful, perfect house will probably no longer be either of those things, or at least not on a consistent basis.  So one of my best friends is pregnant right now, and has still not fully conceded that this will happen.  Now, believe me when I say, her house is BEAUTIFUL.  Very simple and classic, white walls, light-colored carpet, white couch...yeah...every parent's worst nightmare, right?  So she's currently registering for gifts, and making sure that she registers for things that match the house and everything.  lol :)  I think it's adorable that she's trying so hard, and I'm all for indulging that possibiliity, but it will be interesting to see what happens when baby is here and toys are everywhere and tiny handprints are on every surface.  I'm sure she'll adapt, but it'll be a quite a change (much like I'm sure I'll manage to adapt to maybe not hating being outside or doing halloween activities whenever I have kids).  But for now, I took a fabric swatch from the nursery so I could make sure the wall decor piece I was making would match.  I used an MCS 8x8 shadowbox, Creative Imaginations Breathless paper, Bazzill cardstock, 7 Gypsies dangling gems, American Crafts Ribbon, and Basic Grey Rub-ons.  (There's close-ups of the gems and the rub-ons since they don't show up great in the far away picture...they're very noticeable in person though).  Here's to hanging on to pretty for as long as possible...!

That's all for now!

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