Sunday, September 12, 2010

Something from nothing...

Well, I looked and looked and looked for a centerpiece for the baby shower I'm hosting in a few weeks.  As it turns out, it's pretty much impossible to find one that is both reasonably priced and not totally cheesy.  So, after a bazillion internet searches on ideas, I decided to make one myself.  So, behold...the diaper cake:

Supplies used:
- 76 diapers
- Approximately 150 rubberbands
- American Crafts Ribbon
- BoBunny flower embellishment
- Supertape
- Vase
- Baby bottle
- Cake stand
- Florals (half off at Michael's)

Total cost:  Approx. $ it doubles as a practical gift, since mom-to-be can keep the diapers

- I put a couple of diapers in the bottom of the vase and then put a baby bottle on top of that so that it was tall enough to be a base for three tiers.
- If you rubberband everything together securely, and use the supertape strategically, you really only need to wind up with tape being on three diapers so that all the rest are intact.
- If you wanted to make one, you may need more or less depending on tiers, etc.

Pile of supplies (doesn't look like much, does it?):
Building the base (shown tiers around the bottle added for top tier):

Adding the outer layers (wound up having to add a large serving plate underneath, cuz my cake stand wasn't big enough):

Adding decorations to personalize it:

Adding flowers to finish it off:

Not too bad :)  I'm actually liking it a lot.  That's all for now...possibly working on favors later!

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  1. Megan! I love this...A LOT! Why do u have to be sooooo good at everything?!? Seriously! :). Miss u!