Sunday, September 5, 2010

Internal calendar...

Working in retail totally messes up your internal calendar.  All your holidays start at least three months early, because people need to have time to shop.  We're practically in full-on Christmas mode already.  The Christmas tree at the store goes up on Halloween for pete's sake!  By mid-late November we'll be on to Valentine's Day.  It's easy to pop into a store when you don't work retail and think "Wow, Christmas stuff is out already???" and then walk back out and forget all about it.  When you're living it every day, it gets confusing.  I'm currently feeling like it's practically Thanksgiving, practically time to put up my tree, and like I might be behind on shopping already.  It doesn't help any when you're a crafter too, because making things takes time...which means it's the first week of September, and I'm working on Christmas cards and handmade gifts.  I love my job, but there's parts of it that are weird and definitely contribute to my OCD and anxiety about to do lists, timelines, and deadlines.  Meh...s'all good.  Anyway, my mom is making her own Christmas cards this year, and wanted me to make her a template to go from...below are the two I came up with (mostly the same in different orientations), and she can just swap out the ribbon and stamps to make them different if she wants to.  They turned out cute...suuuuuper simple, which is good. 

The Christmas Mouse:  Impression Obsession stamps, krafts cards (value pack with envelopes from Hobby!), adhesive ribbon (also from Hobby Lobby), and watercolor pencils

And I HAD to use the little mittens on the inside corner, cuz they're just cute :)

Reindeer Games:  Inkadinkadoo Stamps, kraft cards & envelopes, adhesive ribbon from Hobby Lobby, and watercolor pencils (the brown ink is a little too light, and she's using a different one for the final product, but since it was just a template anyway, no need to be re-doing hard as that was for 

And the back of the's a really old Hero Arts stamp, I think.

And that's all for tonight :)  Have a great rest of the holiday weekend!

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