Monday, September 13, 2010

Playing dress up...

Let's be honest here...there's not always time to make everything start to finish, right?  Sometimes, shortcuts must be taken.  Particularly when lack of time AND lack of budget is looming overhead.  So, I never feel bad if I create a card dressed up with some ribbon and bling...maybe add a sentiment or envelope stamp.  (Honestly, I don't really feel bad just buying a card from a store and handing it out as-is either, but...that wouldn't make for much of a post, now would it?)

Sooooo...I found some packs of cards to use as favors, and while they're cute, there's still a certain blandness about them.  So here's my solution:

- Studio G cupcake cards
- Studio G cupcake stamp
- VersaMagic Inks
- Cateye Inks
- American Crafts Ribbon
- Mark Richards Gems




Nothing spectacular, but just cute enough :)  Then I'll tie them up in packs with some more cute ribbon, and we're all good to go!  That's all for now :)

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