Monday, September 20, 2010

My little escape artist...

Well, Lucy managed to slip her harness again this weekend.  I keep getting different harnesses that fasten in different places, and tightening them more, but nothing seems to matter.  I swear she has no bones or something...she just slips right out.  She didn't even tug this last time...I just looked down and she was gone.  *sigh*  The last time, she came right back when I called, but this time, I guess she smelled something exciting, cuz off she went like a little bolt of lightning running for the end of the block.  Now, mind you, this is in the pitch black in a neighborhood I'm not particularly familiar with, outside my friend's house in DeKalb.  So I'm running through yards after her, probably screeching her name (at the time, it seemed like I was speaking at a normal volume, but now that I think back on people stepping out on their porches to see what the commotion was, I'm guessing maybe I wasn't).  So, she finally got spooked when a car came by and came back to me, but not before I managed to pull my calf muscle pretty bad.  It was wonderful.  lol.  Sooooo...back to PetSmart yesterday, and Lucy got some little t-shirts to wear under her harness so I could tighten it some more without it rubbing.  What a spoiled little brat, eh?  :)  But really...who could stay mad at this face?

So she got her new t-shirts...I think they're pretty appropriate:

And last but not least, gotta share a pic of Lucy and best friends :)

Aren't they cute when they aren't running away and causing injuries?  :)  I think so too!  And that's all for tonight :)  More crafting's been a little nuts lately!

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