Friday, September 3, 2010

Retail therapy...

Okay, so I've been a little remiss in my blog posts as they relate to crafting for the last few posts.  However, I've been extremely busy wrapping up projects with deadlines.  Happily, they've been completed as of 10 minutes ago and will be mailed off tomorrow afternoon!  I did take a small break this afternoon to go get a haircut, do a little shopping, and visit a friend.  All three much needed, since I was a) about to hack my hair off myself, b) missing my friend, and c) needing a little relax and unwind time with just me and my debit card.  lol :) 

I remember once in college, my friend Jay attempted to stop me from going to buy a CD at Target when I had a really atrocious day, saying that it "won't make you feel any better."  I think my eyes may have blazed with fire and smoke may have come out of my ears, because he sensed almost immediately that his conclusion may have been incorrect and stepped out of my way.  Seriously though, it makes me feel better, even if I don't buy anything.  Just to go meander through all the things that are shiny and new and exciting...ahhh...lovely.

I did find one little treasure today when I was at Pier 1.  I'll always have a place in my heart for Pier 1, because it was my first retail job, and it created the obsessive compulsive merchandising maniac that I've become.  Plus, it led to some great friendships AND some great karaoke.  Anyway, here's the buy of the day...very reasonably priced at only $14.95.  It just makes me smile, and it will probably be hanging in my livingroom tomorrow!  :)

That's all for tonight.  Off to the W.B. for a couple of days, so I may or may not have time to post.  We'll see :)

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