Monday, March 4, 2013

Painless Poetry and Checklist Journaling...

Man, am I feeling accomplished tonight!  Okay, so I was SUPPOSED to be working on St. Patrick's Day cards, BUT I finally had a brainstorm about what to do for my last week's journaling assignments!  So I got that done AND my Project Life update...woot!

The first assignment was Painless Poetry journaling...and I'll admit, I was scared.  It was all stream-of-consciousness writing and highlighting parts you like, etc. etc.  As someone who is lucky if she adds journaling at all (or at least historically, that's been true), I didn't know what I could possibly write that much about.  To top it off, I added the pressure on myself that if I'm going to write that much, it should be MEANINGFUL.  Well, as soon as I took the pressure off and nixed that idea entirely, the words came pouring out!  I just picked a pretty picture from our New England trip this past summer, and went to town.  This one is about how I've become a bit of a "foodie" in the last few years.  I did all the journaling on Microsoft Word, and then changed the size/font color to highlight the parts that I liked.  The rest all fades into the background, but you still get the impression of there being more there (You can see it a little better if you click to enlarge it).  Then I traced over the design in the bottom right corner (yeah, don't give me that much credit...I didn't draw it, and added some doodling and a title with a white marker, and voila!  I like looks diner chalkboard-y :)

The second assignment was journaling in a Checklist (specifically, a comparative checklist).  I decided to go with the New England theme (cuz I'm crazy, and I needed the two pages to  It actually did work out pretty well though, because I'm always so surprised at how highly regional things are, and how much you don't notice it until someone three states away is looking at you like you just grew a second head.  lol. 

And here's a close-up of the journaling, cuz I wasn't sure how easy it would be to see otherwise (you'll probably STILL have to click on it to actually be able to read it...sorry!)

And that's all for tonight, peeps :)  Hopefully I'll be getting a recipe update for the past month's cooking and a new menu plan up soon too...we'll see how ambitious I'm feeling and whether or not we get that snowstorm they're talking about...again...argh!  Have a good one!


  1. Hi Megan! Awesome stuff! Hey, mind if I show your blog on MY blog?

    1. I don't mind at all Valerie :) Thanks!