Sunday, March 17, 2013

Playing Catch Up...

So, I've gotten kinda behind on my journaling homework.  Luckily, I had some time tonight and got pretty close to caught up...only 2 more pages to go.  Here's what I was working on tonight:

Journaling in a Graph
So I miss my friend Chris...we used to go out and karaoke constantly back when I lived in DeKalb.  Long story short, being a grown-up sucks sometimes, and life just gets in the way of getting together...particularly when I work retail and she's a night about making it impossible to mesh schedules!  Anyway, I've been thinking about her a lot lately, so I made this page to honor our karaoke duets and how much we rock the house :)  lol.  Also, it was apparently a washi tape kind of day...I'm obsessed!  (Click picture for a closer view.)

Journaling in a Pie Chart
It would've never occurred to me to journal in a pie chart, although once I got going, I thought of a bunch of other ways to use them.  This graphic representations are sort of nice when you don't have many pictures...they take up a lot of space, but still have a lot of visual interest.  I did a pie chart of the breakdown of my recent vacations with Mom.  It might have taken all of my childhood and part of my adult life, but I finally convinced her that being so busy sightseeing that you need a vacation from your vacation sort of defeats the purpose of going in the first place.  Now, we just relax and soak it in! Aaaand...more washi tape!  (Click picture for a closer view.)

Journaling - Group Quiz Prompt
This was actually the workshop wrap-up (yes, I'm working out of order, but that's because my printer was being stubborn and didn't want to print out my spreadsheet or venn look forward to that on my next post!  lol).  I think I've probably scrapped pictures of MYSELF more in this workshop than in the rest of my scrapbooking combined.  And I think I might actually like that.  Weird.  Either way, it'll be nice to have a little snapshot of myself to look back on a few years from now.  (Click picture for a closer view.)

Well, that's all for tonight.  Hopefully, I'll get my last two pages done tomorrow night, but I still have a bunch of stuff to cut on my Cameo for my Easter cards, and I have to work on packing for Michigan...just 3 days till it's wine time at Heather's house!!!  :)


  1. Those pages re so, so neat! I'm Pinning them!

  2. Love the washi tape and how you outlined them. I will be lifting that idea. I told you it was fun to scrap yourself once you get going. Enjoy your vacation. I know you deserve it.